Branzi is a town located in the highest part of Val Brembana, away 49 Km from Bergamo, counting around 750 people as population called with the name of ''Branzesi''.
The earth surface is about 25,30km2 with a population density of 30,12 people per km2.
Same the town rises at 844mt over the sea level.
From the research made on the name Branzi, we can' t have a satisfying answer about
the meaning. Presuming it is related to the location itself.
In between the confluence of two valleys, Valleve and Carona,it is probably ''branchium'',
arm, the denomination' s origin.
Branzi is a turistic place very well attended either in summer or winter, as a meeting point for skiers in the parks of Foppolo, S simone and Carona.
At the suburbs, in the resort Cagnoli, on a 7km track approved, there are 3 km cross-country skiing tracks (1 medium-2 difficult). Rings of 3,5 – 5km that develop near the inhabited and near Gardata. With medium difficulty they are a great training camp for beginners.
There are waxing services, refreshments and a ski school. The village is very well articulated with squares, shops and cozy pubs; in fact it is inviting you to slow down for the curiosity of detail and suggests that the brake is usually rewarded by the authenticity of the products that we offer here, as the fine cheese ''Branzi'' and the renowned ''polenta taragna''.
And passing home delights to skiing, we finally arrive to the slate quarries for which this country is very well known. The slate stone extracted from local quarries is commonly used for roofing, and even for decorating houses and walls.
Branzi has also a beautiful waterfall named ''La Borleggia'', located east from the downtown and laterally of mount Tabia', from the twin lakes in great leaps down to the town.
After the construction of the damns it is open only on Saturdays and Sundays during July
and August.

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